Welcome to the Newbies!

Let me know if you would like to write for the Blog. I will happily add you as an author. I hope you all enjoy the site. It’s a lot more interesting and useful when it’s interactive!  : )



Things I’ve made

Hi everyone,

I posted a comment a few days ago, but I’m thinking it doesn’t get noticed as easily as a new post. I’ve added a picture of some potholders I made, and am going to post more of my things today.

Is everyone busy with the holidays coming up? I know I am. I’m working on some crocheted washcloths, etc., to put together for a spa basket for a Christmas pressie for one of my SIL’s.


Hey! Has anyone tried to post anything and had trouble? I haven’t yet seen any attempts to contribute by anyone yet. I’m just wondering how it work! Can someone try to sign in to the site and try to post something?


Trish  : )


Hey everybody! This is really getting exciting now. Everyone on the blogroll is now a contributor to the site! I’m really looking forward to seeing where this goes now that the site is member-led. Monique emailed me regarding adding pictures to the FLICKR group. I can’t believe I haven’t explained it before! Thanks, Monique, for pointing out the obvious!  : )

First, you have to join FLICKR

Then you have to join the I MADE THIS, TOO group

Then, to add your photos to the group, just go to “Organize” your photos. Click on “Groups”. You can then drag and drop into the photo pool!

Thanks Lisa!

Thank you, Lisa for sending these wonderful photos. I absolutely adore this sweet dress. I’d love to try and make one for my girls. Where’d you get the pattern?

And look at these pincushions. I’ve yet to try my hand at these but have wanted to for a while. These look good enough to eat!

Thanks again to Lisa, one CRAFTY MAMA! Check out her web site here. It’s got loads of interesting info and tutorials.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you all!


Hey! We need some pictures added to the group photo pool. Again, as long as you made it, it’s OK. You can add your pictures here.